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  • DerekLucan 4900 grafts Mikrofue Dr. Maral

    Hi guys, I travelled from Ireland for an Fue procedure at Maralklinik on 8/11/14.

    I'm 43 years old and my hair has been at this level for about 6 years. It first started to receed when I was 30 years old.

    All my emails and concerns were responded to very clearly and quickly by Dr. Maral before I decided to travel to Istanbul. Here is the respond by Dr. Maral after I send my pictures:

    Hi Derek, I examined your pictures. You have grade 5 hair loss. The hair loss area is almost totally bald. Your donor area looks promising to obtain good number of grafts to cover the hair loss area. You are very good candidate for hair transplant because you have favorable ratio for donor to hair loss area. "
    This pattern of hair loss can be covered well with one hair transplant session, anyway it may require one more session later to increase the density. New grafts can be obtained safely after the donor area is healed. Second session is generally done at least 10 months later."

    I was met at the airport by a driver for the clinic who was very helpful and pleasant and brought me to the hotel which the payment was included in the quotation. The hotel is My Rose Hotel and is only about a mile from Maralklinik. It's spotless clean and does a good breakfast. The next day I was picked up from the hotel and went to the clinic.

    The clinic is impeccably clean and modern. I was introduced to Dr Maral and some of his team who are very nice and have very good English . Dr Maral spent a good hour with me going through the procedure and answering all of the questions I had. Everything was covered and I was happy to proceed.They are a busy practice and another guy was there to get Fue as well as me.

    The procedure:All the work was performed over 8 hours by 3 to 4 of the team. Dr Maral supervised all the time and came in and out to chat with me and his team. In regards to pain I felt none but the first 2 or 3 injections of anaesthetic . Just a small sting, really nothing to worry about. You can watch TV , listen to music etc.even have a nap. I was given lunch about halfway through. I was told by Maral that my donor area had high density so they got 4900 grafts which I believe is very good. Dr Maral was very happy with this and was of the opinion that 1 Fue procedure was going to be enough for me and that they would have more than enough grafts to cover all my top of head. It's a waiting game now.

    I would personally like to thank all the staff at Maralklinik for everything they did and the professionalism that they showed. Thank you!

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    More preop. pictures...


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      My operative pictures, thanks Dr. Maral for sharing them with me.


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        These pictures were taken the day after surgery.


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          Hello Derek and welcome to the forum.
          Have you your 4 and 5 month photos for us to have a look at?
          Have a good day


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            Thanks 1966, nice to meet you here

            These are 4 month photos since my Fue and I'm very happy with my progress.
            I'm keeping the hair short until density is better..
            Still early days at 4 months but very happy with the last months progress and even a bit surprised . I just hope it continues at this rate, My Dr has confirmed I am an early grower.. It's funny but now it has started I'm starting to get hair greed.! I hope this thread is reassuring to anyone who has visited the same clinic as me an who is less than 4 months post op.
            Come on you little beauties!!
            Best wishes D.
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              You are a new man!


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                Hi there
                I'm just coming up to 6 months post op. Very happy with progress so far. Lots of stubble still coming through and I've had a few haircuts since February . I'm keeping it shortish to let new hairs catch up . Here are some new pictures tks for looking
                Best wishes D


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                  6 months post op


                  • MikroFUE
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                    Hi Derek,
                    Congratulations on 6th month progress, so good, this is the end of "ugly duck" period between 3 and 6 months. After this stage, wearing the hair longer and comb over will show them fuller and denser. Now the phase of maturation begins for 6-12 months. I wish you best growing. Please post monthly and also show us donor area, it will be interesting to see it with short cut hair-cut after 4900 grafts removal.

                  • Can90
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                    I spend many hours to find this topic and these pictures again, and finally have found. Many thanks Derek for sharing your progress with these high quality pictures, I will continue to track.....Best of luck and growth.

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                  Looking good Derek.
                  Still a lot of improving to come and I think you're going to be a very happy chap in the near future.
                  From your starting point even at this early stage is a vast improvement in your appearance.
                  You have a nice day


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                    Hello Derek I hope you are well.
                    Am I right in thinking your about 7 months now?
                    I think you are right into the growing and maturing stage and it will really start to thicken up nicely now.
                    Is there any chance you could put some photos up for us to have a squint at?
                    Have a nice day


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                      Hi there
                      I'm now at 7 months post op from my transplant at Maralklinik Istanbul as of 8/June/2015 .Very happy with the last few months progress . Lots of stubble still underneath which is newer hair breaking through. Going to get another hair cut soon to keep it short until density peaks . I've been told by my Dr at Maralklinik that I still have several months until final yield and hair has yet to thicken and mature.I couldn't be happier with the clinic I chose and am very grateful for everything they did last November. I've added a few pictures in good light. Most of my grafts went towards the front of my head but I'm told the crown area is usually last to come in. Considering how little hair I had on top I'm chuffed with my progress at 7 months and excited to see my final result in Jan / March 2016. Have a great summer!!


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                        Looking good Derek especially at 7 months.
                        I look forward to seeing the final results.
                        Thanks for the update please keep them coming.
                        You have a nice day.


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                          Some comparison photos


                          • Maradona68
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                            superrrrrrrrrrr... Bravo....

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                          Hello you have a very good result in 7 months I want to see your photos to 10 months if you please thank you