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My HT with Dr. Tugrul Maral on July 10, 2014, NW6 hair loss, 4200 grafts

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  • My HT with Dr. Tugrul Maral on July 10, 2014, NW6 hair loss, 4200 grafts

    I had a hair transplant in Maral Klinik with Dr Maral and his hair transplant team on July 10, 2014.

    Started loosing my hair around my mid 20s, but was not a big problem until around 50. This was when I became more self conscience. and decided to do some research on hair transplant. I choose FUE operation as I felt there will be less discomfort after the surgery, and I did not want to have a lineer scar over my head.

    I am 53 years old now. I was born in Scotland and a little too proud to dye my hair, I think that my hair density would look even better had İ done.

    Having researched many different hair loss sites, Dr. Maral seemed to fit all the criteria which would be cost, how the clinic looked and after having contact with Dr. MaraI had the confidence to go ahead.

    I had my operation in July, I took my pictures after the surgery, I want to demostrate my progress after my HT.

    By the way, I had a face lifting and nose operation (both to correct the shape and breathing difficulties) by Dr. Maral in December.

    These are my pre operation pictures taken at the clinic. Dr. maral said that I had NW 5-6 hair loss, and the area needs all the grafts that my donors safely gives. Since my hair loss area contained some original hairs, one session of HT may be enough to cover all area if my donor capacity was good enough, or İ might have needed a 2nd session if donor capacity is weaker or if I had wanted more density.

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    The operation took about 8 hours. It was completed in one session in a day. Time went by surprisingly quick as I was able to watch TV during the operation. Also stopping midway for a customary Turkish meatball-yummy. The team members who did the surgery were so professional and can't believe how quickly they removed and implanted the grafts.

    I was told they had managed to remove 4200 grafts from my donors, and almost all area was transplanted. Dr. Maral was happy with my donor capacity and also said that, my graft quality was so good and most of my grafts contained 2-4 hairs, and his expectations for the result was more optimistic.

    These are my pictures taken at the clinic the day after the procedure.


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      These are pictures about 2 and half months later where there was nothing from hair transplant,


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        These are pictures taken 4 months later, some new hairs started to come through, this is the period I began to feel better and my confidence had also started to grow.


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          These are my 6 months postop pictures taken before my facelifting and nose operation by Dr. Maral. He said that I was a real fast hair grower. Thanks to my good donors and excellent work of Maral Clinic hair transplant team.


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                Hello Scotsman and welcome to the forum.
                Very nice result at only 6 months so it will have improved since then.
                Have you any more up to date photos?
                You have a good day and thanks for sharing.


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                  Just a quick update showing my result by face-lifting operation with Dr. maral, cant be more glad and happy with this result and I am also satisfied with the result of hair transplant.


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                    Hello Scotsman.
                    Good to hear your happy with your results from your two different types of procedures at maral clinic.
                    Have you a pre op of before your facelift?
                    Have a good day