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Surgery with Maral Klinik, 5500 MikroFUE grafts in one session- THE JOURNEY

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  • Surgery with Maral Klinik, 5500 MikroFUE grafts in one session- THE JOURNEY

    Hi guys, nice to meet you all here,

    Im 25 years old and I have been suffering from hair loss ever since I was 16 and I have decided now that enough is enough!!!...

    So I will be creating this thread as a documentation of my first Hair transplant journey!! I'm quite new to the world of hair transplants and how it all works etc but i guess the community here can give me some info and tips as I go alonggg..

    Ok so to the point after seeing some really positive results from patients of Dr Maral, I decided to take the plunge and contact the clinic.. I was told that I have a good donor area and that I am a good candidate in which case maximum number of grafts will be picked up from the donor area. Dr. Maral's assisstant and Coordinator Mrs. Sonnur suggested 3500 - 4000 grafts will be used to coverage open areas. I mean so far she's been really nice and prompt with communication.

    Just to mention after looking at a few other clinics in turkey I decided to go with Maral Klinic purely on member's post on some forums and on their informative website and helpful coordinator. Anyway,

    I was quoted 2500 USD in a package that includes:
    3 Nights at hotel, Airport transfers and the surgery..

    I have booked my tickets to turkey for Wednesday 4th March 2015, my appt with Dr maral will on the Thursday 5th March 2015, at 9:30 am in which i will have a consultation and the surgery straight after.. So we will see how that goes and I will keep everyone updated as I go on this loooong journey!!!!

    I have attached photos of my current hair ( I am not too sure what NW it is so would be good if someone could point out that to me)

    Oh forgot to mention that I have been using Mixodil 5% for the past 2 years espically on the crown area, I stopped it last week as that it what was recommended so by the time i have the surgery It would have been two weeks..

    My next update will hopefully be straight after the surgeryyyyy!!! I'm really optimistic and excited about it so hopefully it goes well.
    preop preop preop
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    preoperative photos


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      design photos taken at the clinic


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        Although I was told on initial consultation and based just on the photos the doc said i needed that many grafts to cover bald spots however when i arrived to the clinic i had a proper consulation and was told that they could easily extract 5000 grafts and that i would still have about 4000 for the future. Amazingly my donors gave 5500 grafts and I was told my donor area is exceptional.

        5500 grafts (250 grafts on each surgical gauze) and immediate postop pictures, the operation took about 9 hours.


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          the day after the procedure


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            the day after the procedure, donor area


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              Hello jay and welcome to the forum.
              I look forward to seeing your latest updates as you know we are only a few days apart.
              Have a good day and thanks for sharing.


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                Hello 1966 and all this set is my 7 days post-op photos.

                Key points

                -I can still feel fluid trickling down my scalp and no swell anywhere on face, i am hoping this will go away by tomorrow as its a bit irritating
                -i am getting intense pain in the donor area at night, i've been taking 1000mg paracetemol for relief
                -i started shampooing using maxwell anti-microbial hair transplant shampoo three days ago. So my first session was 4 days post-op
                -i am still sleeping with elevated head position using travel pillow and this is to aviod grafts touching pillows etc.

                Thats all.


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                  This set is for 3 weeks update;

                  I felt normal again no pain, most hair is still there but some feels brittle and about to fall out and others feel like they are growing a bit.. the crown area looks a bit thin and i think more hair has fallen out there.. I am washing once a day but sometimes twice in the morning and before i go to bed. I am not taking any medications at the moment. The plan is to start minoxdil next week. Finesteride is a no no for me as down south is more important to me than hair lol! Therefore, I am not risking it. All in all i feel good!


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                    Hey Jay, 5,000 extracted? And you have less of an area to cover compared to me. Your results are going to look great, especially being that you have more density.


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                      Hi everyone!

                      Firstly I want to congratulate Dr Maral on the opening of this forum and I wish it all the success. This will be a good/unbiased platform for all present and prospect patients! Secondly, I would like to apologise for the lack of updates but i have been extremely busy with work and life in general. Unfortunately, I did not document my one month milestone so will not be able to upload pics however today marks a month and 3 weeks and everything has been going well so far! Shedding has happened but some transplanted hair is still there. I do look worse than I did before but I guess its what we call the ugly duckling stage.. I am currently using rogaine (Minoxdil 5%) twice a day. No pain although i get random pins (I don't know how to explain it, its like needle pain) at times in the frontal area but nothing major.

                      As I said a lot of transplanted hair are still there. I did a bit of a silly experiment and tried to pluck 1 or 2 hairs and they came out with no resistance what so ever so I carried on and done it for a bit. Looking back I should have left everything alone but it was a moment of stupidity. The fact that they come out with no resistance reassures me a little but It was still a stupid thing to do. (any reassurance from members would be good)

                      I have a question about the hairs that were shedding some had a black bulb and some a white bulb but the majority black bulb. Does that mean anything? I've heard sehdded hair with white bulb means the hair has gone in to a resting phase whereas the ones with black are breakage. any comments on this would be appreciated. Also, in terms of transplanted hairs coming out with no resistance and I mean none at all. Is that a bad thing?

                      Anyway here are my 1 month 3 weeks update! I will be doing another update at 2 month and every month after that.

                      If anyone has any questions then feel free to ask! :-)
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                        Hello jay glad to hear everything is going well.
                        I am at the same stage as you know having met at the clinic and have shed probably 90% + of the transplanted grafts.
                        The hairs you pulled out with no resistance would most likely have shed once the new hair started to grow and pushed them out.
                        However I would not advise you to pull out hairs.
                        Its just the waiting game now which most people seem to hate especially the first few months when the new hair is shed and before the growth starts at the 3-4 month mark.
                        I get quite a few pimples and my donor area has developed foliculitis which will probably require antibiotics.
                        I'm not bothered as these kind of things are quite common and whilst rather annoying I knew all the possible complications that can arise so its no surprise.
                        We will get what is coming in the end and believe me at my age I am not hoping time passes any quicker than it already does.
                        Thanks for the update.
                        All the best and have a nice day


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                          Originally posted by Jay89 View Post
                          I have a question about the hairs that were shedding some had a black bulb and some a white bulb but the majority black bulb. Does that mean anything? I've heard sehdded hair with white bulb means the hair has gone in to a resting phase whereas the ones with black are breakage. any comments on this would be appreciated.
                          All transplanted hairs go resting phase (follicle cells do not produce hair for 2-3 months) after transplant. Shedding of transplanted hairs during the first 3 months is so-called shock loss process (Some original hairs over transplanted area and donor area may also go this transient shock loss)

                          Shedding hairs with black bulb are just the black hairs, others with white bulb are white hairs already or they are the black hairs but their color will change to gray-white soon. Color change from the black to the gray-white is just an ageing process (atrophic changes) and can be considered normal, it may begin at any age. (see the people with some/many white hairs inside full black hairs at age 30-35)

                          But, white scabs may be confused with (white) bulbs sometimes.

                          Also, in terms of transplanted hairs coming out with no resistance and I mean none at all. Is that a bad thing?
                          No, not a bad thing but just a normal process, these hairs still coming out without resistance are transplanted hairs which go late shock loss. Some hairs preserve a thin fibrous tissue connections with their follicles after transplantation and go late shock loss (after 1 month). The hairs which are totally separated from their follicles after transplant go shock loss much earlier in 7-30 days.

                          Sooner or later all transplanted hairs go shock loss in fact and this is unpreventable. But some patients do not notice much shock loss because most of the transplanted hairs go late shock loss and shock loss of individual hairs occurs at very different times, New growing hair from the follicle has reached almost the skin surface and grow outside soon after the original one shed.
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                            3 Month Update:
                            I hope everybody is doing well and growing lots and lots of hair!

                            NOTE:Before anything I had to reduce my images size and play with the dimensions in order to upload, this might have hindered the quality a bit. Can some fix this and remove the limitation?

                            Back to business:
                            -Pictures say a million word..Personally, I am Happy with progress so far. As you can see hair has started to sprout although my right side has more hair than left I am hoping the left will catch up soon. The hairs i plucked seemed to have grown back, they seem really determined haha. Other than that I don't have much to say! SO bring on MONTH 4...

                            I am going on holiday tomorrow to Egypt for 1 weeks its 40 degrees there and I heard the sun is really bad on transplanted hair.I'll be on the beach most of the time so I am planning on wearing a hat at all times but I would like some recommendations on what i could do to protect my hair. Is a hat sufficient? would over-heating cause problems.. is it possible to swim? etc any comments would be appreciated.

                            THANK YOU ALL.


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                              It only allowed me to upload 5 pictures so here are the next set of 5.