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Hair Transplant with Dr. Maral after two days

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  • Hair Transplant with Dr. Maral after two days

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Mike and I will be flying to turkey after two days to get my hair transplant with Dr. Maral. I'm 46 years old living in Houston Texas and my hair loss type is NW6. I have been shaving my head for the last 10 years and it looked good on me, never considered getting a hair transplant until I saw an old friend which i haven't seen for 6 months and I didn't recognize him at first. He looked so much better and so much younger then I realized that he had a hair transplant, wow what a huge positive change in his appearance. He paid over 20k in the US and I thought there's no way i can afford it so I started searching for a more affordable doctor and that's when I found out about Turkey and after doing extensive research online I found Dr. Maral and followed all of his work on every forum on the web and was impressed.

    I'm going to share my journey with everyone so I will be posting my pictures from the beginning all the way to the 12 month mark.

    I will keep you posted...

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    Hello Mike.
    First off good luck with the journey and all the best in achieving your desired result.
    We sound quite alike apart from I had been looking at having a ht for over a decade but had just about given up hope of ever having one until I came across Maral clinics patients on another forum.
    All were happy with their results and their results impressed me.
    So here I am coming upto 6 months post op and progressing quite well and like you I was a norwood 6.
    I am already happy to have hair were there's been non for at least 10 years and I know its only going to get better.
    It's a big step to travel to a foreign country and to get a ht there but I can honestly say it was well worth it.
    The people are very friendly and kind and will look after you well.
    Dr Maral is one of the nicest guys I've met in my 50 years and only wants the best for you.
    I look forward to following your story.
    Have a nice day


    • Jantokyo
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      hello and good luck mike

      i am very interesting your pictures and posting.keep in touch

      hello 1966

      i really want to see your hair too
      could u send us your hair pictures?
      before and afters

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    I will be updating my thread with photos in just over a week from now jan Tokyo when I will be 6 months.


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      Hello Mike.
      Well how did everything go?
      Have you arrived back home safely I hope so.
      Have a nice day


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        Hello 1966 and everyone else,
        Yes I'm back home to Houston Texas 3 days ago and I'm sorry for the delay to respond, I got back and had to work on some issues at work so been
        extremely busy, anyways today is exactly one week after my transplant with Dr. Maral and let me share my experience with everyone...

        I arrived to turkey on the 28th and the driver Siam was waiting for me in the airport, he spoke good English. he is very friendly and very helpful
        guy. He drove me to the hotel which was about an hour and a half away, hotel was small but clean and more than enough for the job.

        Next morning Siam picked me up at 10 am and took me to Dr. Maral clinic, clinic looked upscale and professional, met with dr. Maral as soon as I
        arrived, what a great guy, we spent over an hour discussing my hair transplant procedure, number of grafts, hairline design and taking photos.
        Dr. Maral answered all my concerns and made me feel at ease already, he said i had a great donor area and they should be able to extract over
        5000 grafts in one session.
        Surgery started about 11:15 am and lasted for about 8 hours, now let me tell you guys, I was so worried about the 'Local anesthesia' injections to
        the scalp since many people described it as painful, I honestly didn't feel that much pain, a bit less pain than injections you get at the dentists,
        after the fist 4 or 5 injections your head is numb and you hardly feel anything afterward. The staff was extremely friendly and polite, the first
        two hours was to extract the grafts from the donor area (they extracted 5400 grafts) then about an hour to open the incisions, the longest time was
        to implants the grafts which took about 3 to 4 hours. i was on my phone chatting with my wife and kids while they were doing that, didn't feel any
        noticeable pain during the operation. I took a couple of breaks for lunch and snacks.
        Once done, I was given instruction on how to sleep and what to do post-op along with meds(pain killers, antibiotics and pills for the swelling) and
        a special pillow that goes around your neck when you sleep, i was taken to hotel with bandages over my donor area and around my forehead. Next
        morning went back to clinic to remove bandages and was checked by Dr. Maral and he evaluated the procedure, he is such a great doctor and easy to
        talk to, I felt like i knew him for a long time. I was given some shampoo and lotion for the scabs and was instructed to use twice a day after 3 days exactly from operation and doctor showed me exactly how to apply it etc..
        I didn't have any apparent pain or discomfort, actually i stayed 3 more days in turkey and the two days after operation I was on a boat in
        Istanbul and visited few historical places, loved the city greatly.
        I followed Dr. Maral instructions to the teeth regarding post-op care and on how to wash my hair and today it's been a week and my scalp looks great, scabs almost totally gone, the donor area is not noticeable at all, people actually tell me that they can't tell that I had a HT surgery at all, they can only see new
        hairs at the top and I'm already getting complement on my new look .

        The only discomfort I had was not being able to sleep much the first 3 days as I can't normally sleep on my back or on an elevated position and I was nervous
        about touching the pillows or bedding and loosing grafts but other than that it was a piece of cake and if I need to do another session in the future i won't think twice.

        I'm posting some of my own pictures that I took with my phone but I will be getting more pictures I took at the clinic in the next couple of days and I will post
        them as soon as they arrive.

        I will keep you guys posted.....
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          Hello Mike.
          Glad everything went well for you and with that number of grafts your going to look a different man in 6 months time from the one that your used to seeing in the mirror.
          You look to have achieved full coverage did Dr Maral say whether he thought you would need another pass or that one ht should do you?
          I look forward to following your transformation hopefully to were hairloss is a distant memory for you.
          Thanks for sharing your tale and all the best with your recovery and growth.
          Have a nice day.


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            Hi 1966,
            Dr. Maral said that one session should be enough for me unless I want more density in the crown area and he said I will be able to tell after about 9 months. He also indicated that my donor area is great and I should be able to do another session or even two without any problems.

            My expectation is very realistic and If I have hair to cover my bold area and I don't have to keep wearing a hat then I will be extremely satisfied.


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              Hello Mike.
              One should always try to be realistic with their expectations as very few higher norwood come close to full coverage with a good density.
              It's all a question of numbers, you cannot cover a area that was once cover with 20.000 grafts with 7 or 8000 grafts and have the same density its common sense.
              All we can hope for is to have a good donor supply and achieve good growth yield of the transplanted grafts.
              Your donor is excellent and mine was quite poor in comparison you should end up with a far better result.
              I will need to go back if I wish to address my crown were as you seem to of got quite a good coverage of your crown.
              I look forward to following your progress to a outstanding result.
              Have a good day


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                Crazy, you have a very similar story to me. There was no way I could afford 20k+ in the U.S. The last few years had brought me to look deeper into Turkey. I know a lot of people have worries about traveling overseas, but once you're in Turkey all worries are gone. That's when you realize the benefits of having FUE done in Turkey rather then costly U.S.


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                  Yeah SJ14, you're absolutely right, I stayed 7 days in turkey, I did my operation, changed to a 4 star hotel right on the shore, toured the city, had best seafood ever and shopped, all that costed me less than $6000. What a bargain!!!!

                  Here's a picture of me on a boat 2 days after surgery, I know probably i shouldn't do that but the weather was great, I was feeling great, no pain or any discomfort so why not??


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                    Hello Mike.
                    Most Drs ( I don't know about Dr Maral ) recommend that you should keep your head out of strong sun for the first 6 months.
                    I have also read just resently about a chap who got 3rd degree burns on his head 3 days post op and his transplant grew just fine.
                    I myself would not risk it and have only just in the last few weeks been exposing my head to strong sun( if you can call it that in the uk )
                    Sounds like you made the most of your trip did you go by yourself or have a companion?
                    Glad you had a good time whilst in Turkey hopefully your result will be all you wish for.
                    Have a good day


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                      AS you can see in the picture, there was no sun hitting my head and also I had my hat that was given to my by Dr. Maral with me so when it got sunny I would wear the hat so I was being super careful.....
                      The hat didn't look bad at all....


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                        Glad to hear you used your head and covered your head Mike.
                        I would hate to see anyone mess up their dreams by doing anything that may impact on the final results.
                        Always better to be safe than sorry.
                        Looks like you got some belting weather while you were there.
                        Have a good day


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                          12 days after HT photos...


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                            two months after HT with Dr. Maral